miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

wellcome =)

well hi everybody... my name is Daniel Gomez Im 20 years old!... im from Ojeda City!
I study mass comunication and I'm professional photographer, i have my own bussines its a dream for me =) my own photo studio!
I love the movies and warner channel and sony series!... so I'm here for meeting new people, but im here for my English teacher Doris =) she's nice cause the level 4 was boring because its the same thing all the time that's really boring because i don't wanna do the same all things... but Doris have a new style for the class thats great BLOGGEEEEEERRRRR and all the world will know your name and you'll be famous =)
its over if u wanna say hi don't feel panic ok? just click my blog... if u don't click my world never mind you can't hear my music =) close your eyes and they'll all be gone